Custom 1:1 Nutrition & Mindset coaching to help you look & feel good in your clothes, build healthy habits, and cultivate a more positive relationship to food...

without restrictive diet plans or cutting out your favorite treats!


ready to stop spinning your wheels


um, yes please! I need this!

um, yes please! I need this!

spots are limited, apply today!

From juggling your career, home life, and social life, to researching your brains out over the latest nutrition trend... it's no wonder you feel like you're in a constant state of analysis paralysis/overwhelm when it comes to your health & nutrition.

And let me guess... you'd love to free up that precious brain space that is currently being occupied with Google rabbit holes about raspberry ketones ("what even are those?"), stressing about whether or not that donut your spouse brought you will fit in your macros, or listening to your coworker tell you about her friend's sister who just signed up for this new diet plan & is seeing such great results... am I right?

you've got a lot on your plate.

we get it.


what if in 6 months you could be...

Immediately saying YES to going out with the girls, because you know you'll look fly as hell in your jeans (& you'll be comfortable in them, too!)
Finishing that workout or going for a run because you truly enjoy it, not because you feel you needed to "burn off" last night's dessert...
Making cookies with your kids at 9am because, well, they asked you to & you know you'll cherish those memories for years to come... 
Getting ice cream on a whim because it sounds good & you're a strong, independent woman who can have dessert before dinner if she wants to... 
Reading books for pleasure or simply because you enjoy it (instead of reading nutrition articles & stalking websites "because you enjoy it")...
Getting dressed in the morning with minimal mental drama because you know all the clothes in your closet actually fit & are comfortable...

hear me out...

We don't have hundreds of clients - in fact, each coach has a max client capacity well below those of bigger coaching companies - so be assured we're going to get to know you on a personal level! Meaning - we'll remember the names of your kids/spouse, your food allergies, your birthday, and more. Because why say "personalized coaching" if it's not actually personal?

We offer a personalized coaching experience that is unlike anything you've ever done.

In short, we care about YOU, as a human, first. You won't be treated like a number or "just another client."

We play the long game, and you can expect that starting on day one we will talk about your stress, lifestyle, digestion, menstrual cycle, sleep, dieting history, relationship with food, your body, & macro tracking, preferences, culture, home life... all of it. This is what makes us different from 90% of the other coaches out there - we care about the WHOLE you, not just what you're putting in your mouth!

We promote a flexible attitude & approach towards food, focusing on balance, inclusion, and moderation - rather than hard and fast rules about what you can and cannot eat - aka, YES you still get to include birthday cake & those gooey brownies in your diet!

talking about macros is a teeny tiny part of what we *actually* do

to be honest...


It's about so much more than just the food. I learned so much about how I am supposed to feel, and saw so many improvements in my strength and endurance. And I'm just all around happier. I could go on about this forever. 

I had suffered with so many issues (stress, temper, poor sleep, fatigue, headaches) for years & I used to blame on getting older - they have all been fixed by improving my nutrition (eating enough food!!). 

I can honestly say I will never try a fad diet or extremely low calories again. I never knew I could feel this good!

sarah K.

Food used to be a massive stressor for me; now it’s just food… Alex is so easy to talk to and so amazingly positive. Never once did her feedback come from a place that caused me shame or guilt, even if I participated in not-the-healthiest of behaviors. A former coach of mind would’ve told me to restrict food the following day

It truly taught me how to add balance and flexibility into my diet, and it was so freeing.


It has made me realize the importance of slowing down - small changes equal big results! I view it more as a journey now, than just a quick trip to a destination. Rachel tended to offer little nuggets of great information at the exact time I needed them

Seasons' values, vision, and approach were similar to my own, in that the focus was on mindset and allowing full autonomy. I wasn’t looking for someone to give me a restrictive diet plan, I wanted a coach who could work with me as I was now, and help guide me in my goal-setting.

I’ve been able to make changes that help me enjoy life!

megan f.

If someone was on the fence to sign up, I would tell them it would change their life. Not just with health and fitness, but it also changes other aspects of your life. I’d tell them that it changed how I view stress at work and home, and how I can have a ‘best, better, good’ plan on vacation or work travel now. 

Everyone needs Alex and her team. They are just good people who can help with food, fitness, and life.

I wanted more for myself than just a set of macros - and that’s exactly what I got… wayyyy more

1:1 COACHING WITH seasons health coaching

We customize your resources, worksheets, and curriculum to match your current needs, providing timely & effective support to reduce overwhelm & optimize our time together! These include nutrition resources, mindset worksheets, macro cheat sheets, & more.

tailored resources & curriculum

Have a quick question? Want to talk through an issue that came up? Answers & coaching are just a message away via our user friendly client app, for quick problem solving & real-time guidance! Our "Grow" coaching package also comes with one 60-minute 1:1 coaching call each month.

unlimited messaging

We ask about biofeedback, what has gone well (& what hasn't), your food logs, & more. This helps us fine tune your plan to your specific needs via written & video feedback, while also providing tons of support & accountability.

check-ins with your coach

Everything we'll do is individualized & unique to you - from the degree to which you track (or don't track!) your food, macro adjustments, your goals & habits, timelines, our feedback, etc. No two clients have the exact same journey!

100% personalized protocols


our VIP 1:1 nutrition coaching packages

what does all that mean?

No cookie-cutter templates or meal plans that we copied from the internet or a different client (no meal plans at all, actually - we'd rather help you learn the ins and outs yourself!).

We address the nuance, meet you where you're at, and help you figure out what works for YOU and YOUR life. This means your goals, nutrition, and habits are attainable, realistic, and compassionate.

We offer the option to book a free, no-obligation, no-pressure 60-minute Discovery Call so we can get to know each other, see if we would be a good fit for you + your goals, & place you with the perfect coach from our team :).

These calls also allow you to ask any questions about our process, packages, services, payment options, coaches, values, approach, etc., so you can know EXACTLY what you'd be signing up for!

Don't want another Zoom on the books? That's fine! You can choose from a variety of follow-up options to suit your schedule.

to take the first step to change your life?

are you ready

are you ready

A custom package tailored to YOUR needs & journey. We can do any combination of Grow & Evolve packages!

We like to recommend starting out with a few months of Grow, then transitioning to Evolve as you find your groove.

Not sure what you need? We'll help ya weigh the options & crunch numbers based on your goals & budget :)

hybrid package

can't decide? ask about our

submit your application today

let's do this!

how it works:

STEP 1: Submit your application using the link below

STEP 2: On your application, you'll be able to give us an idea of your budget & your preference for how you'd like us to follow up to go over details (email, text, Instagram DM, or Zoom call)

STEP 3: Commit to a 4, 6, or 12 month package and begin the Onboarding Process, which includes a 60-min kickoff call with your coach to create your custom roadmap!

Investment varies on package selection, length, and payment option - aka there are too many options to list! Packages start around ~$250 per month for our premium, holistic, in-depth coaching, with higher savings allotted for longer-term commitments.

We understand that investing in your health and well-being can be a big decision - so we promise to provide coaching of the highest quality. Your investment reflects the level of time, attention, support, and results you can expect when working with our team.


package options

which one is best for you?

your houseplant-collecting, food-loving, travel-adoring head coach

A few random things about me: I love giraffes so much that I own a 10-foot-tall wooden giraffe named Gerard. He lives in my backyard (no really).

I currently have 3 dogs (aka hooligans) who definitely keep me on my toes. I regularly get mistaken for a dog walker & have received many comments from strangers about how I'm outnumbered (hey thanks, I hadn't noticed).

Despite growing up on a remote cattle ranch in the boonies, I'm not really a fan of country music - it's just not my thing. And on more than one occasion I have been the only person in a room/group not wearing leggings - because I don't actually own any (don't @ me ok!!).

I'm so glad you are here - if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via email or Instagram!

I'm alex!

have we met?

coach jasmine

coach michelle

coaching specialities:

Fat loss, flexible dieting, pre- & postnatal nutrition, mindset, strength training

assistant coach

coach jasmine

coach michelle

Flexible dieting; behavior change; sleep, stress management, & recovery

coaching specialities:

assistant coach

meet my rockstar team

In a nutshell, we'll get you onboarded & added to our user-friendly app right away, and you'll have a kickoff call with your coach to get to know you & your goals. From there you'll fill out a written check-in form reflecting on your week & your coach will respond within 48 hours with written and/or video feedback based on your responses, plus some additional questions for you, pep talks, resources, etc :). You are free to message your coach with any questions that come up throughout the week!

i've never worked with a coach before - how does it work?

Not if you don't want to! We are equipped to coach using a variety of methods, from macros to hand portions to more of an intuitive eating approach.

do i have to track macros?

Yes! Depending on availability you can get onboarded right away! I can also help place you with the coach for your needs based on your goals etc., too, if your first choice isn't available. Or, we can put you on a waitlist :)

can i choose my coach?



Our Clients Are Raving About Us

oohs & aahs


This program taught me that I don’t have to restrict myself and it was focused on empowerment through education. And losing 12 pounds didn’t hurt either. Or the inches I lost

"total mindset shift. I had so many revelations through this process"


…and the clothes I wear, and not being afraid to take up space in the weight room at the gym where there are mostly guys. And learning to be more self-compassionate!

"i feel much more confident about myself..."


I didn't know that I was restricting so much. I'm able to have what I thought were trigger foods around the house and not use them as meals where I would overeat.

"i have completely changed my relationship with food"

If you're the slightest bit interested, I invite you to take the first step and submit your application!

Multiple touch points with your coach each week #accountability
Access to a curated collection of resources to help you implement & apply what you're learning

Plenty of opportunities for more LIVE coaching to help you get unstuck

A rad community with like-minded women where you can participate in team challenges & more

A 4-12+ month transformation unlike anything you've done

To summarize, this is what you'll get:

let's recap


I was sick of my relationship with food getting in the way of my mental health. I obsessed over my body image and what other people thought of it, how my weight compared to other people, punishment for eating "bad" foods, the list goes on. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting. Now, I'm better at not labeling foods. I can eat things like fruits and carrots without thinking twice about it being "too much sugar".

Alex was real and compassionate, I found her super relatable and easy to talk to.

I feel more freedom around food,  and I have gotten better at listening to my body's cues and cravings